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Here at Klahz we call this breed the “No Fear” cat and from some of these photos you can tell why! Korats are a Thai import with Jade green eyes and a Silver Blue coat. On these pages you will find the Korats that are near and dear to our hearts.

The Korat is an ancient cat from Siam (now Thailand) that is described in the “The Cat-Book Poems”, written between 1350 and 1767 AD. The Korat is known as the Si-Sawat cat in its native country, however, the name Korat originated when King Rama V of Siam was presented with the cat. He asked what kind of cat it was and was told it came from Korat, a high plateau in northeast Thailand. It is known as the good-luck cat of Thailand and a pair of Korats are often given to brides on their wedding day to ensure a happy marriage. Korats are rarely sold in Thailand, but given to people held in high esteem.

Shortly after the Korat arrived in the United States the Korat Cat Fanciers Association was formed. It is a non-affiliated international club dedicated to the protection and development of the Korat. This club was instrumental in getting the Korat recognized in all associations and helps to ensure that the standards for the Korat remain virtually the same in all associations.


The Korat is a “silver-blue” colour which means to most people that the cat is grey, with a tinge of silver, which in certain light conditions can look like a halo. This breed is slow to mature, often not developing completely until as late as the age of four. A “good” Korat will be known to have a deep green eye colour (almost a jade) but again, due to slow maturation the whole eye may not take on this green colour until the cat is an adult. This breed is also known for the “heart-shape”. In a “good” Korat this “heart-shape” can be seen in the head and in the chest. The body of a Korat is described as being “cobby”. The majority of Korats are not big cats, averaging only seven to nine pounds as adults.